We have a free module for WooCommerce and WooCommerce Subscriptions.

With this module you can use Unzer Direct as payment gateway with WooCommerce and Woocommerce Subscriptions.

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Integration with Unzer Direct

With the Unzer Direct module for WooCommerce, you can accept payments in your WooCommerce shop.

Capture and refund of payments can be made directly from WooCommerce.

Integration coming soon!


  1. Download plugin from wordpress.org
  2. Log in to Wordpress administration, click on the Plugins > Add new, now click Upload plugin and choose the downloaded file, finish by clicking Install now
  3. Navigate to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Checkout -> Unzer Direct
  4. Activate the Unzer Direct plugin.
  5. Insert API key in Private key - This key is found in the Unzer Direct Manager under Settings > Integration
  6. Insert API key in Api User key - This key is found in the Unzer Direct Manager under Settings > Integration
  7. Change the rest of the settings so they fit your shop, finish by clicking Save changes


The following Unzer Direct parameters can be set directly from the payment settings in WooCommerce.

  • Autocapture - Set if the amount should be captured immediately after authorize (digital products) or when the product has been shipped.
  • Currency - “Automatic currency” automatically selects the currency used on the product.
  • Language - Language in the payment window
  • Payment methods - Specify payment_methods on the default Unzer Direct payment option in WooCommerce.
  • Branding ID - Choose your branding of the payment window
  • Autofee - Enable surcharging of payment fee
  • Text on statement - Specify text on statement (only Clearhaus)
  • Google analytics - Your Google Analytics Tracking ID
  • Variables - Select additional data that should be sent to Unzer Direct on the payments

Select payment options

As the default option, Unzer Direct is the payment option your customers select when they are ready to pay. And as default the customer is redirected to Unzer Direct’s payment window where they can fill our payment card information or select another payment method.

It is however possible to add additional payment options for other payment methods. In the payment settings in WooCommerce other “Unzer Direct - payment options” can be enabled. If you enable “Unzer Direct - MobilePay” then in the checkout, your customers can select MobilePay directly from the checkout page without first being directed to Unzer Direct.


WooCommerce Subscriptions is supported by the Unzer Direct module.

A subscription is a product type. You can either make the first capture using autocapture once the subsription has been completed, or you can do a manual capture. If you do not use autocapture on the subscription, the first capture needs to be done from the Unzer Direct Manager.

While renewals always get captured straigh away.

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