Shopify is a Canadian-based shopping system. The system is one of the most user friendly and flexible e-commerce systems we have seen.

We have developed a module for Shopify which makes use of the Unzer Direct payment gateway very easily and smoothly. ***

Integration with Unzer Direct

With the Unzer Direct integration to Shopify, the customer is redirected to the Unzer Direct payment window, where the customer can pay with credit cards, MobilePay Online, ViaBill etc. depending on your agreements.

It is also possible to use “direct” integrations to some payment methods like MobilePay Online, where the customer can select to pay with MobilePay Online in the checkout flow. You can read more about these below.


  1. Click the following link and log into your Shopify account And click Install payment provider

  2. In Shopify - go to Settings > Payments > Alternative payments and choose Unzer Direct from the list.

  3. In the Unzer Direct Manager - go to Settings > Integration and insert Agreement ID and API KEY in Shopify.



Payment methods

If you wish to specify which payment methods should be shown in the payment window, this is done in the field called Default Payment Methods which is found in the Unzer Direct Manager under Settings > Integration

This is set using the values from If you do not wish to lock your payment methods to anything specific, we recommend that you leave it empty. Doing so the payment window will show all that are available as per the acquirer you have activated in the Unzer Direct Manager.

Fee’s in Shopify

If you surcharge your fee’s to your customers, please be aware that this is not shown in the Shopify admin panel or on the order confirmation. Shopify has been notified regarding this, and they are working on a solution that will display it correctly.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is possibile through our Unzer Direct payment window. Apple Pay does not have an unique payment method, and therefore it’s not possible to have a direct choice of Apple Pay in the checkout.

Apple Pay will be an option which the customer can choose when they’re in our payment window - as long as they use an Apple device + Safari browser.


Klarna unfortunately does not work with Unzer Direct’s integration. If you wish to use Klarna in your Shopify setup, you can use Klarna’s own integration.

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